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Posted:Sep 8, 2017 9:37 pm
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Posted:Nov 15, 2015 9:22 am
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Goin to try to keep everything nice
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Sinday in another city
Posted:Jan 21, 2018 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2018 8:27 pm
Well, actually I have been in Vancouver since Thursday

So my sinday is processing a weekend of kink, fetish, bdsm and sex positivity.
I had forgotten what it's like to be around people that are open and friendly, that don't (openly) judge others, that all legal ages are welcome.
I didn't actually chat with many new faces, being single and living in my city there are not very many opportunities to chat with strangers, so I mainly observed others. Which people watching is completely fine for me.

I have definitely noticed how spending too much time on sex negative sites like dating sites has affected my view of men. But then I don't find anonymous hookups to be sex positive as the enforce a selfish attitude with sex.
I saved up for this event so I had money to spend on things that I wanted. So I'm excited for my new fun things and a great new corset. Lol ya ya I get it, why buy sexy things when single. ...well I like how it makes me feel.

At least this trip reminded my how much is out there in terms of exploration and sexploration! I was beginning to think it was "just me" because of the amount of negative feedback I get from the dating site. I am reminded that people can find their desires and find people that are not emotionally closed off. They can find that freedom of expression. .. which this trip was also a test of sex therapy. it should help with processing the importance of sex in my life, yep even at my advanced age I still have a libido (which is currently hibernating due to some very tough mental work)...but once I start to wake it up then I better have a plan in place to deal with it.

Anyway, I am super stoked about my new corset, plus 3 new books, 7 lengths of jute.

Sexy bloggers,
How was your weekend?
Sex bots for women
Posted:Jan 17, 2018 6:38 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2018 8:18 pm

New Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises May Just Replace Men In The Pleasure Department ~ Jan 12, 2018

There’s been a lot of talk about sex dolls and women literally made of rubber and plastic, but men aren’t the only ones excited about the prospect of having sex with a robot. It turns out that sex doll companies like Real Doll are going to be making male sex dolls that have batteries in them and can actually be charged to go for as long as they’re needed for. They’re even going to have verbal cues to respond to, so the experience will feel that much more real for a woman. However, making a male sex robot comes with a few more hurdles than making a female sex robot. In order to make a male doll that can outperform a sex toy, that male sex doll needs to be able to have some tricks up his sleeves that female robots don’t need. That’s where the guys over at Real Doll come in. Here’s what you need to know about the male robots who might be the face of the “ultimate pleasure experience.”

Since the advent of sex robots, men have been really excited about them. Female sex robots and dolls have been everywhere for a while, to the point that we might have reached peak sex robot. There have been movies made about sex dolls, and there’s been a lot of fascination about them that’s not going away.

However, sex robots aren’t just for men. Women are apparently beyond excited to get their hands on a male sex robot. That’s where the sex doll companies come in: Real Doll is already working on a male sex robot that can go for as long as they’re needed and can even respond to voice cues.

However, sex robots aren’t just for men. Women are apparently beyond excited to get their hands on a male sex robot. That’s where the sex doll companies come in: Real Doll is already working on a male sex robot that can go for as long as they’re needed and can even respond to voice cues.

He’s announced that his male sex dolls are going to be equipped with batteries to work on their own, and eventually, they’re going to be chargeable so they can have sex indefinitely. One robotics expert has said that these dolls are going to be better than normal sex toys.

[...]... and so on.

Well well, real dolls has discovered the untapped market of women, especially those that desire a better experience.
But I do suppose it's coming along the lines of sex tourism for women.
As it seems that it's mainly women looking into "slow sex" and even kink, rather than more men, but I am not at all surprised. Lol. Finding someone that is into good sex is not as easy as it seems, getting laid is easy, being used as a masturbatory sleeve is easy, but finding mutually beneficial sex..eh not so easy.
But then I am convinced that many women haven't experienced great sex outside of a conventional relationship (but then I wonder how many even then).

It will be interesting to see where the sex bot industry goes to, how much will they replace sex and even intimacy. Considering how this current society places soo much on instant gratification... I see sex bots fitting for many, that way they never have to risk treating someone like a person or heaven forbid they should catch feelings (newest std - catching feelings. Lol.)

Anyway.... sex bot future,
Do you see the world getting less into human interaction?
Especially with this hookup culture and throw away society.

Pre-sinday post
Posted:Jan 13, 2018 10:11 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2018 8:14 pm

Yanno that day before sinday where I get to cook a hot breakfast and do a few domestic things.

For the last few weeks I have been pondering over how sex and creativity seem to go hand in hand for me. I had that thought planted in my mind since coming across a reference to it in a book I was reading. She had mentioned how men seem to harness their sex drive into being creative in business or just keeps the competiveness up, but then men are celebrated for their libidos and sexual excursions.
As everyone has noticed the downward spiral on my creativity as it was miring in frustration and lack of sexual fitness. Believe me I tried to find partners but by guy 7 I had to take a knee on this. And of course we all understand my hypersexual nature has been there for a very long time (32 yrs and counting), but it never really did me any favors...except for the creativity. So when I read that passage I started thinking about my past and then I started looking through my various writings, pictures, vids, thoughts that I have saved on all sorts of media, and I could see the connection between the two.
BUT, I really needed to get a handle on my addiction to porn, masturbation, and my hyper-view on sex, but am I squashing it soo much that there is no opening for my sexual side to re-focus on creativity in life .
The last 4 months I needed the abstinence, and the will power, but a part of me is worried that if I let the dragon out of the bag again will I spiral into more frustration due to lack of partners.... So yep its fine locked in the cage for now, but I will take it for walks on occasion, then daily exercise, then teach it some new tricks on a healthier way of sexual expression.
I am also believing that my intense control I have over my sexual expression has led my body to revolt against me, a chain reaction of health issues have cropped up in the last 4 months. I also know my personal energy is out of balance now because of it.

What does that mean now for me?
I have a secret to tell you...a dirty mind is great for creativity.

It has been long understood that creativity and sex are linked. Lovers often express their feelings and desires through creative forms, such as poetry, love letters and painting, regardless of whether it is amateur or masterful works.
Sexual energy and creative energy are so strongly connected that they impact each other profoundly -- this is pure biology, chemistry and physics in cahoots with one another. Sexual energy fuels inspiration and passion, and when harnessed and properly channeled is a pleasurable and powerful means to motivate us creatively.
Painter Cecily Brown has described her work: “I’m reluctant to say I want to capture the sensation of sex, but in a way, I want to transcribe the feeling of heat inside your body, inside your mouth, the feeling of skin on skin, and flesh and graspings. quote/unquote
The subject is perfect for painting; painting is a metaphor for sex. So I want it caressing; I want it brutal and tender and everything at once.” quote/unquote

Its energy is the basis of creativity, love, ambition, desire, life. Sexuality has gotten all these bad because it’s so powerful.” from the book Positive Energy by Judith Orloff. quote/unquote
Sex and sexuality is universal, its often the basis for writings, for art, for the love of something...even for this cat it has been the basis of my search for partners, I would also channel my sexual energy into my exercise, my gardens and farm. It allowed me to write about lust and longing, about fantasy and about real experiences.
I have warned partners that my intense energy will wrap around theirs, thus led to my search for alternative means of sexual expression in tantra, sensual sex, BDSM, because I always desired more n more pleasure and sexual creativity, I enjoyed giving to the point that they would avoid me. ...

Where to now?
Well, I will slowly re-awaken the sleeping dragon, I miss my creativity and my lust for life.
Sinday eve
Posted:Jan 7, 2018 4:17 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2018 11:49 pm
Ever have those moments,
you know the one...
where you think back with a smile and a flush of butterflies

Or that tingle, or that deep lustful ache
Do you recall that last stroke,
that tender touch,
the one lick...
that gave you that wonderful feeling, like you are the only two people...

The firm grip, the gentle tease
that fire in the kiss...

Hmm, those moments to be savored,
to ponder about,
the search to find it again.

Holidays are almost over,
Just sitting here doing the last of domestic duties for the week...
Just thinkin about lovers gone.

Sexy bloggers,
Make good use of these chilly nights.
Pre Sinday book report.
Posted:Jan 6, 2018 1:23 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2018 7:32 pm

Sexy bloggers yep I have been really quiet lately but I also had a few things to work on in the last few months.

Like my other post displayed, I enjoy reading books and searching for information so in turn I tend to retreat inside my head for periods of time to reflect.
As we all know by now I have been 'searching for the better experience' for the last few years, that came about after a series of bad dates. Yep I am the common denominator in that equation so I knew it was time to stop looking and work on the why. I do know that it isn't completely all my fault as it is mainly due to the shallowness of the dating culture and all that jazz.

But, yep I am going to keep typing here,
I am not alone in the quest for the better experience.

I finished reading a book called "Closer" by S. Barmak and I quite enjoyed it because much of what she had written I had experienced but had no real answers as to why those experiences happened. Women all over North America are searching quietly for the better experience with sex and discovering their sexuality. I like how the book was written, more an expanded view of bits of collected info from legends, history, and current. Just enough detail to warrant more thoughts and discussion.

Quite a few passages in the book caught my interest. A few lingered on the comparison that men embrace and are encouraged to be sexual and successful, their creativity stems from it, yet in women its still not acceptable and can destroy her career or used against her. But the link to sexuality and creativity was very interesting and something I will look into further.

I also soaked up the sections about the research into trying to find a short cut, like Viagra helped for men, but with all the work gone into it so far they realized that its far more complex than just adding a pill to make it work. You can add all the blood you want to the ladybits but it still didn't turn the mind on to sex.

Before y'all start thinkin femanazi rantings I would say this book was far from the radical views that are sometimes stamped on women wanting their desires and needs met. It explored more the quiet search that many women are now delving into, now that they know they too can enjoy sex for the sake of pleasure. There is more to life than just being a receptacle.
Which also explains why there seems to be more women showing up for the kink events and other assorted sex/kink themed events - they are looking for alternatives to the hump n run dating that has over taken....


That is where my creativity has gone to...its in hibernation due to the cold turkey from sex/self pleasure, to my trying to lower it so I can date whats available to me now,... so now my imagination is on ice waiting to come alive once again.

So where do you find those partners that enjoy mutual pleasure. lol
Is the world still flat?
Posted:Dec 29, 2017 10:17 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2018 8:00 am

Good morning sexy bloggers,

Its almost a New Year!! ya!!
But then everyday is a new day and a new start on life.

So I had a good laugh the other day when a few guys tried to troll me for having adult toys. IS the world still flat?? Are your insecurities that consuming that you project your fears onto others.
I made a semi-sarcastic comment to a male blogger that opened with:
"if I were a woman" I would use this vibrating tooth brush!"
::insert winky face, school boy chuckle and rib poking to his buddies that are all blushing beside him..:: (fyi adult male in his 40's)

My response was that I have a fine selection of high end toys, why would I use a germ covered toothbrush.
::insert Innocent Flower, clutching my pearls (not pearl necklace) and looking bashful..:: ffsss ya I didn't buy that either. LOL!

Of course the volley of hurt comes to light and the subsequent battle cry of:
"THATS why women don't need men!!"
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

My fav response was:
"@flower that explains everything"
(explains what I don't know, maybe bec I have a high sex drive and enjoy orgasms, or that I'm single but that also means I haven't found any with a matching libido... Pleeeassse boy explain what you mean by your statement!? ".)

WAIT wut?!
Why wouldn't I want a man/partner to share lifes greatest pleasure with??
Ahem...cough cough
Its not the tool that brings the pleasure its the lover.

(now did you u'all learn something just then?)

Anyway, nice attempt at trolling me, but within full Flower mode I kindly reminded them about RealDolls and fleshlights, about the desensitization that the porn death grip can bring... How real ED is becoming for younger men because of their expectations around what a pussy should feel like and what it is actually like.
... (rarely will you find that can match the strength of your own hand..just sayin,, and I do 100's of pelvic floor exercises a day and can squeeze a finger - but I will never match a mans hand for strength)... (ok now I am sad that I am being replaced by a Hand!! oohh what will become of me besides withering into a dried up Flower! Men don't need wimmens because he has gasp 2 hands!!) Sounds silly doesn't it.

The struggle is real on both sides of the gender divides, you just have to find others that match your demons not your angels.

So sexy bloggers shall I write on porn death grip and the no fap movement, or write about how people are now talking about the slow sex movement and dating, what about having a healthy view of sex and masturbation. How about the fact that more and more people are missing intimacy and touch in their lives bec they have fallen so far into "independence" and the hookup culture ...many are forgetting how to interact with others in real life and they want porn to be life.
Wait, how about "STOP all this hate on the other sex".

I love sex, and I am sure you enjoy it too, I much prefer sex with some but I also see no shame in masturbating at healthy levels.
(sorry to exclude the asexuals, but I am a sexual being and this is my writing)

Ok..shyt... can some me down from this soapbox??

Sexy bloggers,
Are you intimidated by toys?
Have you explored with either his, hers, or both?

What is stopping you from being a little adventurous? or at least having an orgasm from a little extra stimulation?

(yep I get it not all women need toys, some can get off with just fingers or a light breeze..lucky ducks. )
Monday with a side of ...
Posted:Dec 18, 2017 12:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2017 12:37 pm
Insatiable libido this morning.
Waking up with a raging ladyboner. Lol

And here I thought that hard part was over with controlling my sex drive.

4 months of cold turkey and I was doing good, only rubbed it out a couple of times and only for a few mins.
But today....geez 😬
It's making me irritable, frustrated easily, and testing my will power.

How much longer before it tempers down?
Finding a male with a matching libido just won't happen in this small city, so I am really working hard at lowering my libido and interest in sex...
But it's hard. ..so hard
Did I mention wet and firm,
How about insatiable.

Enjoy your Monday sexy bloggers,
I just need to take it one day at time.
Sinday quesion for the menfolk
Posted:Dec 10, 2017 9:20 am
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2017 11:36 am

Ok, so lala's post piqued my interest, see -> Question for the Women Cold Calling

Its been awhile since I also asked this question:

how do you handle it when a woman approaches you first?
I am meaning a first message on here or any site. Not just the site generated icebreaker or flirt, but an actually invite to talk further.

(Not approach first in real life because we all know that if a man is interested in real life he will approach first, if he hasn't approached or even looked at you then you may as well be invisible. lol.)

Do you respond to every message you get?
Are you nice with your rejection letters?
Do you simply just block instead of replying?

And here's a big one,
Do you put the same effort into the sex or her as you would have if you pursued first?

To make this fair, please only think about women over 40 messaging you first.


Yes in an ideal world every 22 yr old coed cheerleader would be sending out first messages. lol
I haven't asked this...in what a month right?! 😀
Posted:Dec 9, 2017 3:42 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2018 5:12 pm
Yes yes sexy bloggers this question just tumbles around my mind over n over again n again...
Where do you meet sexually compatible partners?

Far more than the insert tab A into slot B, C, X type of folks (ie hookup peeps)

Where do you find those into sexploration,
into sensual massage,
open to trying new things,
that can handle meeting more than once?

How about toys,
and maybe some bondage,
long sessions of oral,
what about having a second fella join us,
try some hot"wife" or ????
and of course having sex more than once that wknd?

I tried to search on another site but when I start talking about pleasures I would get push back, then I had the hookup guys in my inbox. So that leaves me once again a little lost in searching.

Why is something seemingly so simple so hard to find.
I do fully understand it really depends on how hot the women is, how young she is, yada yada yada, #notallmen are into sex, (yes I have to add the disclaimers in).

Sexy bloggers this search is going on and on.... for years now.
So I definitely believe that I am paying for something from my past life, that the gods would put my insatiable appetite for pleasure into an average woman.
Especially in this hypershallow instant gratification society, people just aren't into taking the sex slow and feeling every pleasurable part of it.
Yanno you can have intimacy without romantic love right?!

Pre-sinday ponders....
Your a fake then!
Posted:Dec 8, 2017 8:56 am
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2017 12:35 pm

Sorry skippey it's
*You're not your

I do have to chuckle when I see men claim #allwomen are fake just because she didn't put out to your calls for anonymous sex. For many female body people casual sex really isn't that grand for them.
I have seen soo many males comment that it's just for fun so why do I need to put the effort into the sex... and then they wonder why more women are not into casual sex. Lol
I even did that once or twice, I would ride him till I was done with my orgasm (only takes a few mins) then I would get off and start putting on my clothes or going to take a shower -> yanno treat him like many men usually treat casual sex, "I got what I wanted so maybe it's you that is broken and it's not my fault that you didn't orgasm, maybe you should see a doctor or something. But we aren't dating so why are you complaining? You got laid didn't you!"

Not a very nice idea is it, but it happens plenty! I have had my share of women tell me they experience more of the bad rather than the good.

SO what can we do to make it pleasurable for both sides?

If experience shows that a woman's pleasure is only given when he actually likes her as a person and if she feels comfortable with him, and for the most part that is within a relationship -> then how do you make the casual sex worth the time?

I will only give as much as I get now, I never go above what he's giving me - why? Because of one too many takers out there left me very sexually frustrated.
And yes I understand that she has to be hot and attractive before he will put effort into sex I got it, lessons learned the hard way...

I even find it worse in the kink side, most men/people just want hookup kink, the vast majority of male bottoms just want kink done to them but don't want to return any pleasure or even a thanks (then they wonder why there are more pay to play female tops/dommes).

Just because we aren't rushing out to meet you in a parking lot to fuck you doesn't mean we are fake or work for this site.

I came here looking for kink friendly partners and lots of pleasurable experiences and rarely found it no matter what effort I put in. So don't call me a fake just because I am in no hurry to be used as a masturbatory sleeve or fetish delivery system.

I am pretty certain I can call most of the men fake also by this logic, because they claimed they are looking for mutual fun but they never specified that they meant only with hot young coeds and all other vagina carriers just get the cum dump. Lol
So ya it works both ways.

Sexy bloggers,
How do you make the sex worth the time?

Are you in the "fun only" camp?
Do you try and make it less awkward?

What is your secret to always having a super duper awesome time?
Swipe...Swipe. ..hey now!
Posted:Dec 1, 2017 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2017 12:36 pm
Sexy bloggers ever have that moment of cold terror trying to remember if you vaulted those naughty pics you saved late last night?
Yanno that second after you hand your cell to some to show them a photo. ..

That "hey check this out!" (neat work pic)
Then... "Cool!.. ::quickly:: swipe..swipe. .swip....wtf! Why's it pink?!
Moi... ugh....give that back. .Geez.

Sometimes little lessons in life make the best stories later.

That's alright, I was dropping off some work stuff and forgot the form so I ed my coworker (female of course),

"Hey can you send me the cock form, it's on my desk"
Second after I sent..."God friken dammit all to hell" -> it was supposed to be COC form!!
Well apparently she had a great laugh and snorted her water through her nose. And about time I got back to work the next morning...even the corporate office knew. Lol!
Thanks autocorrect... you have such a perverted t9 memory. Lol

Ah well, makes life interesting.
Once I had my vault app decide to put ALL my photos back onto my cell!
Talk about turning off my cell for the rest of the day until I could figure out what happened and clear my ph up! That's when I also lost about 300 photos of me that I liked (ya perve likes to keep her pics).

Sexy bloggers ever have of those moments that you blushed or cringed?

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